Now it's this, blame.. Yup, I do.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


so I have had 2 posts deleted in the last 24 hours and they were both heavy as sh*t.

"But It's cool cause we back friends and I'm happy that it's over..." Hov.

*God don't make no mistakes*

Must be for a reason.. Let me just say last night was crazy and I think a lot of things were learned from the situation.
Sorry to Kiki and Rora, I know I was supposed to take ya'll to Taco Bell but like I said some stuff came up.

Today was cool (so far) me and Ivan was on some chill sh*t all afternoon went to the gym to hoop with the team.
*his words for me*

"If you gon fight, fight. If they wanna give you sh*t, keep it 50/50. Don't go to cause a problem, but don't back down either."

I guess due to the events that took place last night he felt like something else was gonna jump off. I was just feeling like whatever. But thanks for the advice homie.

I'm starting to feel like a rumor... Gone..


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