Now it's this, blame.. Yup, I do.


Saturday, October 2, 2010


I'm getting drowsy do you know why? Probably not but it's underlined everything on here to both fb spots... and then I stop.

Feeling like going in NOT feeling like going in. I don't like feeling indifferent to my own thoughts. I SHOULD care more than I do, yet I'm okay knowing I care as little (which is more than you anyway) as I do.

These are random placements of basic thoughts brought together by blankness brought over by an overanxious mind.

K I'm done being bored on my blog, sh1t there's supposed to be everything for me to do on here yet, I'm rambling... again... I can't help it I'm loving the interactions I'm getting today and like I said up there I'm feeling drowsy lol. I swear today is 1 of them days I let my mouth get me into trouble (check) and I make people raise those eyebrows as curious/worried/angered onlookers. It's all good though I know who I'm talking to!

Ok so this paragraph will bring some focus to this whole thing.. Friends, and I use that word very hesitantly. Please don't feel like it's a problem to speak to me about issues. I'm not the 1 to feel intimidated in front of or speaking to. TRUST ME. I guess I should just say check the blog, and then see what I mean. This is stemming from friends of mine not really opening up with me, which is fine, you definitely don't have to. I just don't want the reason you don't to be because your Pnoid bout being judged, cause that'll NEVER be the case. EVER.

Anyway I want to be able to help people, especially my friends. I don't have very many, and they (you) should know I care about them a great deal. I love you all. Like deadass with a late pass. Get that Eminem in your system #NotAfraid

I told a friend today my blog told a story... Then I thought about it, and yes it really does. I'm sure you can get too much information about me from here, and I'm sure there have been multiple changes and evolutions. Maybe I should highlight the ones I th.... nah never mind, its there if you want to.

I made the distinction between blogs and notes, and then preceded to not use any notes! WTF? Well those are coming to. There'll be artists quotes. Important/unusual information relative to me and my closest peoples! ... So you might wanna stay on top of those when they start dropping on the Turtle's page.

Yoo speaking of which (shout out to Margot just cuz n1gga! lol) Chris Wilson continues to get more play/run/action than my n1gga Turtle.. Doesn't make sense but whatever. Maybe it's because Chris is naked and Turtle doesn't have a real face? Whatever, like I said, stupid.

As in who's dictating all this?

Anyway I'm literally being summoned away now. The evening better prove more peaceful then the first part of my day it's curtains for me holding my feelings back. Which could be a good thing... right? shouts to Jessica Mean Bear Davis!

Feeling in love *MUAH*

_ _


Or am I just... Senseless?