Now it's this, blame.. Yup, I do.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It ain't even been extra cold like that either, but I really have missed it this last year. Getting a new one would be kinda cool; definitely not on the 'Things to do list', and I heard those get trendy in the summer time around these parts. I'm loyal okay? Check my birth certificate, sheesh.

Getting late ,and I'm about to be stopped and or harrassed by the har....

That was sure to be an awesome sentence (it was cold that night).

Now it's facing that which we all know we want NO parts of... Ugh, should've put my foot down, and that's where I stop the complaints because I did thi to myself. Quite literally. At the very least I'll get some quality shots up. Possibly a new silver lining to gawk at too.

I'm hearing a lot of noise, must mean it's time to clean up and get up on outta here.

_ _


Or am I just... Senseless?