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Friday, June 1, 2012

*All That Glitters...*

I miss Kanye. Yes, I know he hasn't gone anywhere; he's been transformed by the trials life can bring. I guess I shouldn't look at that as too much of a negative, as everyone will face trials that drastically change them. This one though just sits tough on my heart. I want to know what happened to Kanye West. If it's the death of his mother God bless that man. I don't know what's gonna happen the day I lose some close family, but I know it'll be appropriate what the decision is. So I was listening to Family Business (last song of the last day, and 1st song of the morning) rapping along, and I felt a surge of emotion in me. I didn't mind it because it felt awesome to feel that way based on what I was hearing. It made me miss that Kanye though. He's so dark now, everything is around me. Artists expressing themselves to represent what they're going through, and it's funny to think that the people in the highest positions may feel as low as me on any given day... This next song that came on isn't really my flow... (What do you know it's Diggy... I've given him a number of chances, but shuffle never lies. I didn't know it was him and well yea...)

So the light is shown darkness and overrun? That just doesn't make the most of sense knowing what I know, and maybe I should look to broaden the examples I choose to go by before stapling my opinion to the matter, but I'm starting to believe.

Let that 1 breathe...

I've been attempting a new format for listening to my music. One I think is pretty cool but hasn't been allowed to work yet because I'm breaking out of some thick habits. Once I discipline myself a little more and maybe catch an 'I actually want to collect new music bug' I'll be able to make routine our of it. Either way I have A LOT of music to jam out to. I'm going to condense it because I want to study specific artists. I respect people having the courage to say what they want for the world to hear, regardless whether or not I actually agree with what's being said. That's something you have to battle internally with, and obviously these ignoranus' can do that just fine. 'Whelp!' (Bang, bang.)

I've decided to go solo today for the sake of music. Can't jeopardize two plus hours of idle ear time for the sake of pointless conversations. I'm too old to carry this mind state, but F-fitO.

Where's everybody at?

"He tell me he ain't did it, then he ain't did it. And if he DID, then..." Kanye West

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Or am I just... Senseless?