Now it's this, blame.. Yup, I do.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Plumb Dumb

Basically... Here.

"... I didn't say all the things that I wanted to say, and you can't take back what you've taken away. Cause I feel you. I feel you near me..."


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So a friend said...

A bunch of stuff. What stood out to me the most was this, which is, absolutely terrifying when you think and consider the relationships you allow yourself to get into.

crime of passion
n. a defendant's excuse for committing a crime due to sudden anger or heartbreak, in order to eliminate the element of "premeditation." This usually arises in murder or attempted murder cases, when a spouse or sweetheart finds his/her "beloved" having sexual intercourse with another and shoots or stabs one or both of the coupled pair. To make this claim the defendant must have acted immediately upon the rise of passion, without the time for contemplation or allowing for "a cooling of the blood." It is sometimes called the "Law of Texas" since juries in that state are supposedly lenient to cuckolded lovers who wreak their own vengeance. The benefit of eliminating premeditation is to lessen the provable homicide to manslaughter with no death penalty and limited prison terms. An emotionally charged jury may even acquit the impassioned defendant.
See also: manslaughter  murder 

Y'all better chill.


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If I could tell you everything you'd know by now.

Scolded child.
Go vo-la-tile
Erase that smile
Oh ya piled
More bullshit
Pullin sores
Ripping doors
Within your
Sickened core's
Depicted 4
1 is more. 
Truth enforced. 
My accord. 
Lonely; poor...





nounplural finalities for 2.
the state, quality, or fact of being finalconclusiveness ordecisiveness.
something that is finalan ultimate act, utterance, belief, etc.

If it means something, let it mean everything.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017


What a week... 


"...They don't love you like I love you..."

True or not?



I did it. I gave in and gave you everything as a result. It felt amazing. I felt a connection. I went to sleep; woke up feeling unprotected. Wasn't a dream, but you didn't catch it...

So back to the first step.
You ready?

Would you still be you to me if the curtain was pulled back? How close are you willing to get?

Here's to looking up at you, kid.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Everybody's locked Down now.

Behold what a mention can do. Thanks B.


Lean Back
Whatever U like
Sleep on the floor
U don't have 2 call remix
Why you wanna
Free Will

Plus one classic R&B joint...

*A PreSummer Night Theme*

F it... #SoGoneChallenge

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Post 2014

First off, thank you for putting up with me the way you do. Patience is an anomaly in far too many attempts to integrate another's life into your own. Finding those willing to exercise it consistently with grace and understanding, deserve all the appreciation I'm able to give. I know I've been falling short, because I KNOW I've put myself first

But the battery in my back, will ya?

_ _


Or am I just... Senseless?