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Monday, January 31, 2011

High Healthcare

I'm about to go bananas. I'm not crazy, but if the events of last night aren't cleared up I'm giving up my sanity card. Straight up and dead*ss. My leg was swollen balloon like, and my foot was twisted and burning with pain. My knee hurt like sh1t too but became numb very quickly while the remaining pain jolted through my inner thigh and groin area. I'm not crazy. I know what I felt and I know what I saw.

"I know what I saw..."

Followed by "your crazy" as her response. Damn.

I know what the f*ck I saw... Doctor's are no longer trustworthy. Or I really do have HPD... They knew what was up in the Emergency room. Sh1t I told them. Whether or not that had anything to do with the results of my examinations I have no clue.

Gonna shower and think about what I feel I should be thinking about. A little sore so at least there's that comfort. Had to doc this though. May be the turn of something else...

~In other words, *I be wildin cause I'm young* it was a crazy night though~

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

More from my favorite site in the world

This is too interesting to me..

The English alphabet, as you likely know, is made up of 26 letters.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Before we get to which letters were late additions, let’s explain a bit about Old English. English was first written in the Anglo-Saxon futhorc runic alphabet, also known as Anglo-Saxon. The Angles and Saxons came from Germany and settled in Britain in the fifth century. The region they inhabited became known as “Angle-land,” or “England.”

Eventually, Christian missionaries introduced the Latin alphabet, which ultimately replaced Anglo-Saxon. But for some time, the alphabet included the letters of the Latin alphabet, some symbols (like the ampersand), and some letters of Old English.

As Modern English evolved, the Old English letters were dropped or replaced.

(Our trusty alphabet isn’t the only part of language that has changed — October used to be the eighth month, and September the seventh. What happened? Find out here.)

Here’s an example: In Old English, a letter called “thorn” represented the “th” sound (as in “that”) in Modern English. In the Latin alphabet, the “y” was the symbol that most closely resembled the character that represented thorn. So, thorn was dropped and “y” took its place. (But is “y” a vowel or a consonant? We explore the dilemma here.)

That is why the word “ye,” as in “Ye Olde Booke Shoppe,” is an archaic spelling of “the.”

The Old English letter “wynn” was replaced by “uu,” which eventually developed into the modern w. (It really is a double u.)

The letters “u” and “j” didn’t join what we know as the alphabet until the sixteenth century.

Now consider ancient history influences days of the week. Who is the attractive goddess that Friday is named for? Here’s that odd and entertaining story.

shouts to the hot word. Gotta get up on my linguistic historical facts.


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Such an ugly word

[dih-seet-fuhl] Show IPA
given to deceiving: A deceitful person cannot keep friends for long.
intended to deceive; misleading; fraudulent: a deceitful action.

1400–50; late ME; see deceit, -ful

—Related forms
de·ceit·ful·ly, adverb
de·ceit·ful·ness, noun
un·de·ceit·ful, adjective

1. insincere, disingenuous, false, hollow, designing, tricky, wily. 2. illusory, fallacious.

1. honest. 2. genuine.

... it's always the antonyms that get me.

~word (heh) I'm tight that my new Berry doesn't have the dictionary app. though! ERRRGGHH that was MY SH1T! I miss it, sadly, my vocabulary has suffered the brunt of the consequences. That'll change soon though, pay attention to the WORDS though lol kind of making a point while simultaneously throwing  another under my big *ss bus that likes to crush stuff (POW!).~

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Star Void

don't believe or dream if need be. but I'm throwing my hands up to the void getting annoyed already in the sky feeling bigger than the guys who left me by the wayside. Guess it was oh well I see I spell whatever words come across my modern cross walk yeaaaaaaah. Having fun with it just to say
but listen none of these b1tches get it innnnn. not even make seeeeeeennnnnnnssseeee lol but since i'm more like the sh1t I'm so over confident in what you assholes won't get.

ok i got it. 922

dumb shit no longer fun if drama is all u deal with. Turns to numb shit. I know the feeling, I think a little too well. Yet I still look down at my two feet and my dog somewhere near to the left is always she and I'm left contemplating how I put myself in these positions constantly back to back wanting more than is there to begin with. I'm sickened with scripts from the census my love has been tough this might really be the end of us.

~this might really be the end of us though~

I don't remember this at ALL so #Uknow! Lol smh

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Anonymous Love

"Your a really good an genuine dude. That can't be replaced. You just need to know your worth and value/take care of relationships of those who love you. I need you my nig so don't ever feel any different..."

*peace and understanding*

Walls have been cracked. Let's get it.

Sometimes it takes a little climbing though, so we still working on all that. I'll say this though, I am extremely happy for what the future has in store, might take it back to the days when EVERYBODY got along. GF's and Girl friends included ~wishful thinking~ but hey I'm a dreamer.

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Comeback tour

Cause so many of ya'll missed this prequel to the sequel that aint even out yet!


Because I love it. 
Because I hate it.
Because I doubt if I can recreate it.
Because I'm jaded.
Because I get way too faded. 
Because it's nothing really.
Because I'm something silly.
Because I'm stubborn beyond belief.
Because my past still hurts me.
Because I love that too.
Because I miss those dudes. 
Because I want to feel relieved. 
Because I need my family.
Because I'm walking joke.
Because potential is nothing but 'hope'.
Because that's my mother.
Because I love her, and her, and her, word.
Because I'm easily confused.
Because I feel constantly abused.
Because I accept it.
Because I'm used to doing the misusing.
Because I'm dead wrong.
Because I'm always dead right.
Because I love to write.
Because I think I'm out my mind.. sometimes
Because wish for every1 to understand in time.
Because I spend too much going for mine.
Because too much isn't enough.
Because I love to love, catch a hug.
Because there's no ending in sight.
Because I hardly say goodnight... to myself

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Indifferent 2

What a difference a year makes! I'm feeling some kind of rejuvenated and ready for what's already coming. Yes, pink and green are 2 of my favorite colors, no not THIS shade of green. NOT to be read into, because that would just cause more problems... 1st blog in  year... Nothing to say except to talk about what's been going on during that time and or why the time was even needed? Or taken. I'm good on a lot right now, worse off on much more but I'm loving it! That's what life is all about. Those that have known me over the past year know how I'm living, and HOW I'm dealing with living that way so let's catch everybody else up, Got topics mad entries, AND I STARTED BACK WRITING! MY NOTEBOOK IS FULL! (Feel free to get me a new notebook... ANY1!  It has to be 1 of them scientific joints that's well binded together. Oh! Get creative with the colors and designs. Every1 else can catch up and learn something new. Try to get it out in a more cohesive (read: drug free) manner, and see what happens yaaa!

I want to shout out the people over at RebelsocieT they got crazy ideas and potential forums once they get the legal ish out the way. Keep doing ya'll thing! Shout outs to my peoples love ya'll. Shout out to 30 rock and the office my shows! (2 nastiest white characters on television? Any1??)*, ps3, blah blah all that good stuff


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Or am I just... Senseless?