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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long Time Coming..

This girl is probably the most frustrating person to do this for. Why? Indecisiveness lol. I pretty much had to steal this and do this without her blessing because it's been how long now??? Exactly. Anyway, here it is untitles in all its rawness(?). I like to think it would be titled something like 'combustion' or 'my imploding ways' (??), but whatever, it's here. Enjoy.

Michelle Hill's Untitled piece.

Its all crashing down on me the weight of all that shouldn't be not handling
just like i should Knowin still doin like i would pavin my own destructive path
planned it out but didn't do the math who knows in time this all may pass just
right on by can't close my eyes starin into what might be adapting right in
front of me how could they front on me i hide them under things buried them real
deep seemingly discreet tossed the key everything constantly haunting my dreams
thievery stealing everything sweet these feelings i hide feelings so strong when
hidden they shine through shit that i drug them through all the hate and the
anger i made them accountable for amounting to more pain than i felt before
though they go ignored cause im doin all i can not to feel stealin time from
what Just might be real but it doesn't seal the deal im still here once again
paying the bill for all i've done no ditch and run cause im always lookin back
knowin they're on my track less than one step ahead all i want is just unsaid
security a freedom to speak a way to break free at times only not to be me

If you want your stuff in that slot hit me up! ( If I like it I'll share the shine with you. Simple really. Even if it doesn't go up I'm interested in connecting with new people and seeing what ya'll got sooooo DONT BE SCEERRD! lol Gone!


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