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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Recap

It's been a hectic week for me, and it's probably only going get more hectic in the next few days, but hey, I'm going HOME in 6 days!! You can't tell me NOTHING! I feel like I've been getting caught up in a lot of OTHER peoples problems, and in the end my advice (while it may be taken) is starting to sound like a broken record. Therefore, I'm done giving it. I've been preaching peace and tranquility all week, so I'm done dealing with anything that isn't that (even if it's just me THINKING its something negative I'm not dealing with it)...

--------------------------->>>>Moving On<<<<------------------------------

I've heard from a lot of excited people back home, damn it feels good lol. I'm about to be making some major moves in the next month, and of course your all going to be updated. I only ask you keep the hate to yourselves. Been meeting a lot of new interesting people that are going to be featured on this blog so that's coming too. (Shout out to BeeColl aka Bridgette and Mr.Flores aka Tonio.. I'm beefin with a Rod homie won't call you that lol) All in all, it's just looking lovely for me, and I can't wait to expand on relationships I have, and rekindle ones that kind of got away. It's bout to be a great summer..


I can write, I know I can, but yeah I'm in a slump. No you didn't get the fact that I was just putting it down to do it, but oh well you've kick started a whole new rant in my blackberry. YES I'm tight about your criticism. Yes I'm going at you. Yes i'm going to make you change your F***** mind.

Pretty much somes that up right? lol yeah all in good fun.

I'm out for now, got a date with the prettiest dog in the world. I'm gonna have the actual proof I was speaking about posting yesterday in my last blog up in a little while though, so be on the look out for that. Its Quiet! Ahhhhh yessss! lol. Gone!


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