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Saturday, June 6, 2009

What it is..

I'm definitely on some music sh*t today it's a shame I actually have to go outside and socialize. Me and my laptop been gettin it IN! Sorry for the the absence yesterday (Not really) I was uhh doing me I guess.


I can't stand this wait to see my team on the tv screen again! Can we just make it 3 straight and bounce with the trophy in Orlando?? (see ZQ I can wishfully think too lol)

I have conceded to my injury (for once). I was on some F that I'm not going to NOT hoop sh*t and I woke up with eye swollen shut. So yeah, couple more days no hardwood (PAUSE lmao). No lifting today either, just living I suppose. What do I do when I have nothing that NEEDS to be done on my agenda out here?

Watch Cartoons duh... This new Wolverine & the X-Men show is kinda eeehhhhh, but I got it Tivo'd so wth. Speaking of cartoons, me and are about to be best friends provided my phone and laptop don't blow up on me. Got a lot of catching up to do.

Marley sends a lick out to anyone she knew and doesn't see anymore (lol), she's great for all of you who were wondering (still lays down like a ho too lmao). Just wanted to actually contribute to a post today, I don't think I will have this much to say for awhile. It's a Zoning day. I did start writing again though! Maybe, just maybe, if Michelle decides to hit me up I'll have something to put on here. Doubt it though, relaxing like this makes it hard to do much of anything. Gone!

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