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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Everything can't be hip hop videos and interviews can it? I got this like 2 weeks ago it was so ill I HAD to perform it lol. Michelle did her thing with it Respect due!

Moonshine Cries (working title) by Michelle Hill. Edited & Performed by Chris Wilson.

Feeling damaged with a total view. 
With everything changing
today is just see through.  Knowing that all else fails me
with no back up plan I'm bout to sail.  Though I'm still not going anywhere..  Concealed,

away in my thoughts.
Eyes open but still trying not to see
how everything rots away.
Like it was never there please,
just take a moment and spare me!
As I let myself fall into less,  
I'm not really trying to be..

The best even at my own detest, I'm still gaining experience at being depressed.  lower than the rest.
And finding no reason to be but I still don't know how to suppress,  how to change up.

My angle of view and undo all I've put myself through... True, there's so much that has went my way. 
But it never seems to stay... 

Always back to square one like I'm playing in a game.  Never a permanent change still feeling surrounded with the same old same old.

All anyone truly knows is my name, thinking they've figured me out! 

But it's only who I play. But all this pretending is whats keeping me sane... 

its like my own disdain hiding myself from my own shame; changing up who I place on blame, just to subside the pain.  Is this really all from my own mistakes? 

It truly makes my heart ache.  

Knowing that its not so easy to fake. Put on and save face for some one who cant begin to understand...

why their daddy just cant step up and be a man!  Or simply just a friend but then again, for THEM, it all goes hand in hand.   

It WILL in turn make me take a step back and demand only 100%.  

Nothing else is done with out my consent.  Not giving him any chance to get me bent... spent, no longer waiting on him to try and make sense!  
Making our lives maybe a lil less tense...

Oooo too ill! I can't wait to make a part 2!! Gone!


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