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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who Got Next?

"Wayne's scorching I'll applaud him/if he keep goin pass the torch to him" Jay-Z

Hov said it not me, but it's going to be an interesting 09-10. Think
about it. Less than a year ago wayne had sh*t on lock with Tha Carter
3. He's gearing towards a new release very very soon. I for one
thought the Wayne mania had died down (wrong.), but upon realizing
what he's been doing on the road, I couldn't have been MORE wrong.

Wayne has quietly gone on to earn more than any other artist currently
touring raking in 40 million. So yeah, he's still doing his thing. The
scariest part to all this for me is that this n*gga is playing with
this rap sh*t right now. I think he's experimenting and the time for
that is coming to an end. Meaning hip hop purists (myself), will
finally get what we've been wanting from wayne in the 1st place.

A blend between dedication 1, 2, the Suffix (flows), and Drought 3
(punchlines). Damn that n*gga was a beast! (Pause, pause) So yeah,
enjoy this sh*t. Celebrate this n*gga now, cause like it or not, he
has changed and evolved with the game. Stop hating, for every song you
hear that's wack, (he has plenty d*ckriders be real) he comes with
some timeless sh*t to show that he deserves the baton that's surely
about to be passed to him. Weezy F. Baby! (pause Lol

ill... Gone!

_ _

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