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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Time is flying I remember the old BET cypher posts on here lol This is what it is though. Hip hop in its purest form.

Joe Buddens & Nicki Minaj FTW

"your past your prime I aint spit ether yet you need a major I just need an ethernet" - Joey

I'm shocked that I'm shocked but hands down KRS-ONE killed this sh*t.

"you gotta overstand man nike sign put the camera down so they can feel my rhymes"
- Blast Master


Now I'm not even gon' front with this one any of these 3 spitters verses are better than anyone of the participants in the first two. My honest opinion. Who came out on top though? Its close.

F*ck it I'm undecided on this. Truth be told their styles are so distinct I was supposed to be out my mind for this butttt hey lol can I go for a draw? like I said F*ck it.

*Quotables coming soon*


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