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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random Observation

So I'm in my house looking for a specific dress shirt and I came

across some old trophies of mine. There were 2 that stood out to me

because they were clear. See-through men perched on top of the trophy

(pause pause... 1 football dude and a basketball guy).

These trophies don't really stand out that much. Aside from them being

clear they are probably some of the lamest ones I still have in the


The point? Well I'm looking and I'm like how many times am I gonna see

these short ass shorts and when am I gonna see someone with a fade, or

some braids, dreads, sh*t I'd take spiked hair too.


How long is it going to be before trophy manufacturers put an end to

such a blatant disregard to racial equality? I've never bought a

trophy in my life, so its not like my boycotting would have a major

impact but I'm about ready to get rid of all of these...

Or knock the body's off the mantle. At least that way when my kids

start talking sh*t I'll still have my proof, and when they ask what

the trophies actually looked like I'll go grab one of theirs and say

'not much has changed'... Or something along those lines.

Ok I'm done with this, but do you all agree? Or am I just over (as

usual) thinking? Gone!
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