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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm lying I'm lying I'm single EVERY NIGHT if anyone even cares! (apparently no one does trust me I've asked). Nah I just got a thing for that song at the moment (shout out to Weezy) and that's really what this blog is about. I don't know what's happening to me, but I think I actually am starting to like wack sh*t.

Either that or Lil Wayne's singing is actuuuuaaallyy....? good? I gotta be overthinking this. Either way everything sounds so lame to me lately, yeah even Chuck (aside from 2 tracks I heard off the new tape them sh*ts was fire!).

Let's see. 50's new album was actually really good... Until I realized he was talkin about the same thing he's been yapping about on his 1st 3 albums. Truth be told though, 50 stepped his rap game up big time. Congrats, sort of, cause I guess I'm kind of dissing his boring music too huh?

Hola Hovitooo! No. That album banged for the 1st 3 weeks now I hardly even listen to it. Blueprint 3 is a solid effort I can't even hate on dude. It's just not holding my attention really, and I blame that on the subject matter. Nobody loves Jay more than Jay and he definitely let's you know throughout the entire f*cking album lol.

Nah I'm tripping really I know exactly why I'm not feeling shit any rapper dude gotta say right now (2 reasons really). Eminem & Lupe Fiasco straight up & down.

Ever since Em dropped Relapse I been singing all kinds of praise for the man. He quitliterally on a different level when it co to rhyming them words. That guest spot on 'Forever' yeaa killed Drake, Kanye, AND Wayne scary thing is it wasn't even close. His BET cypher? Same story. Dude is a monster but falls under the same category as Hov and 50 cause his subject matter sucks but when you can be as skillful as he is it doesn't matter what your talking about.

ANNNNNND if you don't believe me check out Lil Wayne's new track (off his still unreleased Rebirth album)featuring Em and tell me who YOU think came out on top.

Lupe Fiasco. I can honestly say this n*gga making me fall in love with hip hop all over again. Cop his tape Enemy of the State: A love story and try to catch what he's saying. Dude is just on another planet with his concepts and rhymes.


Anyway those 2 got me feeling like 'why listen to anything else?' (that's not the case I'm listening to a lot) but then again like I said everything else is sounding kind of good now. Lol I need to slap some soulja boy,If I like that sh*t I'll know there's really something wrong with me.SMH. Gone!

P.S. F*ck the typos

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