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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can I live?

Damn so I was away from this sh*t (not really but that's a surprise) for a few days (4 or 5? lol) and I got a comment heeeeeeey! Can't say I know what dude is talking about but I appreciate the traffic either way. Soooo thank you thank you thank you! (c) That bigwig n*gga that doesn't have time to mess with you corny ass folks. aka Hov lol

This could be fun though who knows? Certainly a welcome break from what I've been planning. In case any of you were wondering (I don't see why you would be), I can't tell you about homie's blog accept that 'it's better than mine' and that's by dudes own account.

Wanna know why?

I don't be on his damn blog site and won't carve out any chunks of time in my day or future to do so. So everybody that comes to my blog to you know, read about what's on my mind I want you all to STOP that and pay Mr. EnVy his past due shine... SO HE CAN GET OFF MY DICK. that's it lol


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  1. you can say that on your blog but you can't come too ming with your corny ass. your the thats corny. come too mind you will see what i will do to ypu. here it is jackass



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