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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just when I dead *ss was thinking life can't get no better I get hit with a heavy brick on some Friday sh*t. *sighs* I think it'd be best for me to take this time to really say how much I appreciate everybody in my life right now. I know *Please hear me* I don't get a  take the chances I should to show that but can you trust me if I say it's a work in progress? A steady improvement is happening, wait, I don't like that. The evolution is here and I'm feeling like it's almost complete.

Knowing me, you can take that for what it is.  Meaning however your already determined to take it. I'm just not really trying to devote energy to proving people wrong. positive things and enough money to move some people (literally) and I'm good.

Be good with me or let me go. That's all I'm asking anybody in my life right now. I'm 'enjoying the non-enjoying' if you will lol.

I'm trying to get my video chattin skills up so feel free to volunteer dig? Lol aight I'm outttttttttta herrree!


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