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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blessings in Disguise Maybe

God is looking out today! Here's something kind of interesting about me (I'll leave that for you all to tell though), for as much music as I've listened to since I got heavy into to hip hop 11 years ago, I haven't let to many ladies in the game hold my attention.

I'm not sexist quite the opposite, me being real with myself leads me to see when I'm being fed the carbon copied manufactured artist. Even more so with women because I actually listen to the words and could give 2 f*cks what some1 appears like. Dead*ss.

So when I have 4 female artist that consist of Lauren Hill, Jean Grae, Lil Kim, and Foxy Brown presented to me it takes no time at all to acknowledge the substance the 1st 2 have over the last 2. Skills NOT gimmicks is why Lauren Hill and Jean Grae are acknowledged by me. I mean I'd smash like there's no tomorrow but that has nothing to do with the music lol

This brings me to my point I was making. There are artists I listened to when I was young a whole bunch. Only problem is my ears aren't what they are now, and my mind has defnitely altered for the betterment of describing music back to myself.

Enter another female emcee I am willing to embrace, love, and fantasize over all in 1. Hello Eve.

I was sitting down 'collecting' more Jean Grae music when Eve's Behind the Music special came on (I'm just passing time waiting for this final's game to start). I immediately remembered why she was so beloved by her fans. Look at her! lol

What struck me the most about her that I can't really say about any1 else (off the top of my head) besides Lauren Hill, was her ability to CONNECT with women old and young alike. She has some POWERFUL songs regardless of gender.

I shouldn't put it past Nicki Minaj, but I will. I don't think we will be hearing that type of music from her and Wayne's camp. Sad too, cause the girls eat that stuff up.

I guess I'm just excited to hear what's in store for her (Eve) now that she's right mentally. I'm trying to better understand you alien creatures (women). I need all the helpful advice I can find.

I am crushing hella hard right now and I don't know if I even made a point, or any sense lol


Game time lets go LA!


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