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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How do you start...

Something so hard your heart could burst?

Today was tough ^ word to the Charles Hamilton quote. I've been dealing with a lot of bs and I was appalled at what was 'acceptable' in my convo with my n*ggas over twitter. Debate really, but it never even got there so let me just chill on that.

The convo has me tight though. close-mindedness is so wack I don't care how you look at it or try to 'ok' it. I mean I'm used to being so blatantly on the opposing side of things that it really shouldn't bother me by now. My homie's in town apparently! Leave it to me to be away from my email like all day... errrggghh that's due once again to the 'debates' I was having.

I'm trying not to be too anything right now because people can be ignorant, and there is no need to get ignorant with them in this case. I say that because I want to call people names throw stuffs, and generally make some1 else feel frustrated like me right now. I'm going to opt to take it to the gym instead. That may be worse though, it might be best to just stay off the courts today.

Heard from Geanna lightweight today. That chick either has her nose WIDE open or is lacking serious time... Either way if I get stuck to thinking about why we haven't talked it'll be counterproductive to this mood I'm trying to avoid going into... Maybe I am as socially awkward as I've always said and THAT's the reason I'm more or less alone contemplating these things..

I'm not going there. I just want to have a great great evening. If all goes well I don't see why that would't be possible. I'm doing some major major cleaning. How's this for honesty though, all I really want to do is sit here with this music and get lifted with it. I won't do that, but it'd be nice.

I may not speak another word today I'm feeling that frustrated with people.

Jean Grae and Charles Hamilton I road hard for you 2 today. All in the name of good music, f*ck what they talking about.

I actually like going to places like this to chill downtown Sacramento knows me lol. We only getting more familiar. Imagine that.

That list is coming! Especially after today. Smh

_ _

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