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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I TrIED but...

Sometimes things are destined to fail. I can look back at key moments in my life, and they usually are followed by, inspired by, or just plain are shortcomings. So it's in this shortcomings that I look toward the future with a more keen eye for positivity.

I tried it a way that wasn't my own and failed. I've failed on my own in my own way but found solace in knowing I understood the steps I was taking, and the path I was leading. Doing it your way has left me more so lost than anything else I could try to describe. Your not always wrong, definitely not always right, but your always NOT mine. Therefore I couldn't try to find peace through your thoughts. Kind of backwards...

Tumbling over and over descending into mysteries isn't the ideal way to find yourself, but if it works it works.

I found my 'friends' but that's another post altogether. What's real what's fake? Finding that out is REALly all that matters to me at this point, and I'm willing to put myself through WHATEVER to achieve that.

Here's to your way, and mine. Now. Live with me.

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