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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

They don't Understand...

Only thing that hold me down is my leather. Aye!

Mornings something I can’t dig cause it takes me places I can’t live. I REALLY want today to be great in an ‘epic’ sort of way but like all things I’m going to have to wait it out. I’m trying to be bold without being imposing. I don’t know how to split the balance between the 2 , but it’s a fun inside project.
If I can make today about some1 other than myself we should all benefit from it. I just want to see smiley faces and happy things, hear intricacy, and live creatively.  For today.

I need an umbrella dead*ss its too hot to be treckin like this under the sun. I’m not tripping over the 1, 2 aspect of it all I just don’t want to have to pack much. I’m naturally warm(er). 

Btw I’ve already failed in some small way at keeping it peaceful, not to mention NOT about me but it’s cool there’s more sun to get through. I have to get better being more efficient especially now that I have to maximize whatever time I can salvage if I want to move forward. No biggie.
I’m sleepy .. I want to give in to it. I think I might, only if the conditions are right….

*at this point, sh*t  hit the f*cking proverbial fan*
Meaning there was a lull/break in the writing of this blog entry. I was out doing what I was writing about having to do but not wanting to do. Anyway MY car was the vehicle being driven. Well, that thing decided it would be cool to show me the devil’s wrath. Or at the very least (ignoring my penchant for OVERexaggerations) what the devil’s wrath COULD look like in its infant stages (smoke… I’m really not that far out there. The  b*tch was catching on fire)

I had MAD stuff to get done and after having my dead car towed to my house (Jessica Jessica Jessica thank you! Muah!) I went on with the rest of the things that had to get done. People don’t realize or think to put the 2 and 2 together when I said I was 1, 2’in from place to place, but regardless I had a long day under a very hot sun with NO umbrella ella ella ayyyyeeee!!!

I DID get a lot done, but it was what I didn’t get to do that kind of had me feeling like I took an L on the day (that’s a loss for you slowtards).

*the now*

I FINALLY got to unleashing myself (again like it’s KS all over) on twitter. Some people are like what? Others remember what it was and are more responsive. I’m loving it though, until I get to settle down in the chair across from the psychologist it’s about as good as it gets.

IE  shutting me off and turning my mind on leads to very interesting results. As long as I keep those pesky ‘oh sh*t people I know and don’t are reading my f*cking thoughts’ insecurities at a distance I’ll be A-Ok.
So for the plans that didn’t get attended to, I apologize. HOPEFULLY there will be other days for whatever the plans were.  I’m kind of stuck on being focused right now.. You know plan turtle lol kind of like team Edward or whatever other ‘teams’ those Twilight folks have behind them, only it’s not physical or human or… I guess it’s just not those2.

Long live plan a, b, and c. They fought hard and served their purpose. 

Music…  That’s another entry. Let’s just say I’m COMPLETELY content. Therefore, I fear no thought or reality of loneliness. I love and miss you all! Try to do the same..

_ _

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