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Friday, August 13, 2010

Bout To Set It off (boredom)

N this B*tch' Ya'll know the rest...

While I watch 'Set It Off' I wonder what you all thought about Drake's album.   Very well put together if I do say so myself. I guess I should be focused on the movie but who hasn't seen 'Set It Off' ??  Liquor and trees. That's what I think about when I pay attention to this movie lol... Sure is quite a bit of it in these early scenes.

With that said I guess it's ok that I wander back to the music...

*pinky pointers* <<-- very common in this movie as well.

Misogynistic behavior, apparently no time for grief. Hood rules, I thought you knew. Smh It's funny to see these depictions and draw your own conclusions. Interesting question... Why is it all black actors play some sort of 'other side of the fence' role before they make it 'big' or are accepted in Hollywood? I'd list a few actors but then I'd risk sounding more ignorant.

This is boredom blogging at it's finest.. I had a quote for that but it's escaping me at the moment, but this moment is exactly why the mailing list is no more. I mean it's there but now there's so little who will I bother??

Back to facebook?? Social networking sites may just be the death of me in the upcoming weeks. I'm going to be looking for new ways to motivate my mind, I guess it isn't really a new way but reading will definitely be my number 1 outlet..

*I"m waiting for all the death to start occurring in this flick, things can't be happy like this forever. Never is right?

Wanna know the snobby white woman attire at a dinner party??

Something sleek 1 base solid color (I've seen them vary in variety) novelty jewelry you know, little gold bracelets some over fancy neck wear. The most important piece however is the head wrap scarf thingy. Go back and watch a movie with a fancy dinner party and tell me you wont see white women in head scarfs...

Seriously?? Boredom man..

Any1 seen Date Night? I'm hoping it has it's moments as I'm not expecting very much from it. We'll see though. In case you haven't noticed my day is being spent viewing cinemas. Well the 1st half of it anyway, I'm going to move back to what's comfortable after Date Night.

I have A LOT of music I would like to get through but it has to be done the correctly. Music music music! Squishy you know how I do!

*drooling @Jada right now*

She's a looker straight from the pedestal pusher. No need to even gas it up.

*Date Night*

 Common is in this film. Let's see how big or small his role is?

... Ok so he's reduced to ice grillin n*ggas, I ain't mad get your check my dude. This movie was aight though, I had a few good laughs. Looks like tonight is going to be alright after all, I'm juiced! Sorry for the randomness I was really uninterested in all this visual stimulation. Truth be told I've been trying to get to my secret cove to pop open this new batch of music, but I'ma chill and let what happens be...

Shouts to everybody I wanna do some catching up tomorrow which isn't to say I'm going to be unavailable tonight just typing what I think per usual. Hope everybody's day is going ok. I'm here if you need me.

*Girls are amazing*

Shouts to Jess

Sorry for this ya'll really didn't deserve it lol.. smh

_ _

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