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Monday, August 16, 2010


Do people keep tabs on the goings on's you know the in's and out's of who's leaving the house or the whereabouts of the last time such and such or so and so sat on the couch...?

Weird as hell in my opinion but does it matter if my cursed thoughts serve little minions and those little guys are wise to getting under your skin? Nah your too different...

Eye to eye would be splendid. I wrote it so your never quite sure if I actually meant it. Polish me off or drop this sh*t now just because I wrote it you'll do the opposite ok miss keep on with twists...

Hey people I'll keep on with the gifts, but my inbox is still empty so I gotta ask, what gives? Tough sh*t but don't misinterpret I'm still feeling the love from these little pink thugs. Bugged...

Out of controls to hold my head in place my batteries dead too scared to have it replaced. So I reshaped what chilling looked like. Went out that way and felt people grilling all night. *sighs*...

Lady by my side kind of digging my night on all 10 fingers from the left to the right. Of course she lied that isn't something she liked but hey she did em and we saved a fight. Jackpot! Have-not's got what I taught. Cause I talk a lot but no change to cash back what they bought...

I'm caught thinking of a master plot to scheme my way back into your hearts and just park like I belonged there all along. Like what's wrong? You don't like me anymore I knew that of course doesn't make it hurt any less especially knowing I gave my best to the rest of the skirts what a jerk...

And he smirks with nothing to flirt with. Accept darkness.

Turtapolous Rex


  1. i dont give a fuck about yo difference bitch

  2. thanks for reading my comment bitch



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