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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ending Relationships

Sales pitch. Closing loop. It's all the same sh1t, I've done it before been trained to do it and yet I turn away from it. The end is here, there's no doubt about that. Under the heaviest realization that I'm about... I don't know whatever is small enough in space and amount to make sense of a burned down short fuse away from exclaiming the nail in the coffin with my mouth. Yikes...

Fuck all you dishonest b1tches too. When people lie, it doesn't make me mad or upset. It just confuses the sh1t out of me. The phenomenon is that we ALL do it, but you have to take close notice as to why your doing it in the 1st place. Okay...

Moving away from that because it's going to be mistaken for me calling b1tches b1tches, and not the message behind it. I'm unsure, was there 1? B1tches.... I have a newfound respect for girls in the hood. Just a whole other level of admiration. I don't know what's more of a revelation, me talking about having RESPECT for girls in the hood, or me actually having my ass in the hood. SMH I love it though, take in all aspects of the area you inhabit and you may come away with newfound knowledge.



Funny how nothing involving money remains that way for long. EVER. I'm used to it you dumb b1tches, give me lent to walk around with and I'll be okay. Not to be like I don't need money blah blah, that's crazy of course I NEED money, but I don't want for that sh1t ever. Having it brings me closer to things I should and shouldn't do, so it's a moral paradox. A standstill of good and evil. I'd like to think I've done a fairly good job of balancing the two. At least making it respectful for the good guys.


I'm a 'whateveryoucallit' and I can look at MOST of my failures especially recently knowing I went all in. That's why you'd be hard pressed to find me whining and crying over the milk on the floor. I've given all the energy I had, and unfortunately when you come to realizations like that it makes turning your back a f*cking cake walk.

B1tches think I talk out my neck, while those I respect know I'm coming straight from experience. You know how many friends I lost this year? You know how many of those people I dead*ss thought would be with me in the future raising babies together? It's that real, and maybe because of that, it's that disillusioned from the truth.

I won't sit here and act as if I've had the strongest grasp on YA'LL reality, but I know I transcend both worlds so if I'm talking out my ass then it's grab a gas mask. That stance wont't change. Change will alter stances but come on, that stance won't change.

... But yo money changes people. Excuse me. B1tches.

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