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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So many pills

Anti-depressants ain't the answer. Just seen some sh1t to AMPLIFY your anti-depressant. Word? A pill for your pills. More coming next too. I ALWAYS sound foolish to myself, and others usually sound foolish to the cynical-ity of all that goes on upstairs. Just sayin we all sound dumb as f*Ck. I figure if I incriminate myself I can't get into too much trouble, but then I remember figuring that out at the end of a long drawn out tenure still leaves chopped dinner. (I would have said liver but no no, we don't f*ck with that)... (we as in I)

Anyway, death is exhausting; dying is living.

As more and more thoughts pour in less pour out, which means this entry is about to be shutdown. Shout out to any1 I've ever kissed exhaustin' ol' death with. Do it up for me I guess...? Lol Have fun be safe type sh1t. I have NO CLUE what I'll be doing thus far. That's a lie, I know I'll be deep deep deep into some new inspiration. However that goes it will go, but as far as what I'm doing? Nah no clue.

I'm tired, angry, sad, frustrated, lonely, exhausted, confused, and seemingly on the verge of all things extreme. Normally there's plenty of good to look at so I do, but these days I just see everything I don't deserve. Did I mention all of those emotions were directed at me? Feels like everything's directed at me.

So the direction shall be a distant reflection of me.

I should be sleep, and that's not happening because my heart's too big. Marley's knocked...

*Marley so i hug marley kiss marley matter of fact why you think I'm always with marley*

yeah gonna finish this here with a treat I'm sure few will get. No insider either it aint like I went and talked to whoever about this sh1t, I just think GENIUS is f*cking hilarious. It's amazing as well, and I appreciate it to the fullest.

That's what happens when you create monsters.

*Spend some time...*

_ _

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