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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sounds funny when you hear it right?

things are moving super fast, and as I resist the urge to go down the obvious metaphor rode I'm sitting feeling pretty good about things. I know my habits are changing drastically. from quick light to quick write I talk to the walls a lot and if I'm outside, it's the trees. This gradual shift is something I feel is needed, something that's both good and bad. On 1 side, I have a host of people who will probably see less and less of me. On the other, I have a clear mind to attain and a broken frame to maintain.

It's an interesting time to say the least. More interesting than anything is what's going on musically. Things are moving, so I'm moving along with them. Can't say that I'm at all impressed, Big Sean sucked it was mad disappointing. However, onto to bigger and better things. Hov And Kanye dropping this week (well not really, but yes, really.) Which will basically kickstart all of the releases I actually DO want to hear.

There's some concerts I want to go to seeing as how my F'n trip has all but been turned on it's head. Speaking of trips,  let's have 1 for all the marbles. I may be there already, who the f*ck knows?

Blackberry's done. For me anyway, I got 2 more months and it's a wrap. Apple's making a run for my attention right now in a major way. Technology is back in apparently. I mean, I'm talking about it right? Yeah, definitely.

I miss my team, excited to see what's good with them today. I've been doing my thing and I assume they've been doing A THING. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just wish they could've gotten the help earlier. Frosh 4 what up!? Lol Jaaron is gonna be that dude, I have a feeling about him. All can be erased with no clear signs of progress however. Gotta progress.

I'm dead tired, but deadass wired so I'll probably pass out around some fire.

Starbucks endorses me anyway... Yo while we are mulling over drugs and such, Starbucks is killing it out there. Majorly! Being under different substances over the last few years has really allowed me to know when somethings... 'working'.. That Starbucks sh1t 'works' lol

wait.. wait..

Straight from Dr. Chemistetic

*Would you do it?*

_ _

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