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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yucky mind.

Huh... How's this for a realization. I haven't paid the attention that your writing should have gotten from me. Not naming names, not even going to copy and paste it here because it wasn't meant to be copy and pasted and placed somewhere else *ahem!* -but I liked it.  I'm sure I'll break it down 100 times over, although it wouldn't really be necessary what you were saying was quite clear. Your nasty though. Condoms inside of vaginas? Really? I'm not judging just acknowledging, I mean you wrote the sh1t.

Yucky indeed.

There was just a lot of eyebrow raising/lowering things filtered in there lol. Not mad at that at all. Anyway nice job kid. Your probably better than me, I'd believe it.

Now wouldn't it suck if you had to question whether or not that's what I ACTUALLY wanted to say? Oh, is that what your doing now? I'm sorry, it's just because I'm forced to think about what's going on up there and how it's being viewed, I feel people should have to ask themselves if I'm a habitual raging liar.

Soak it in.

Ohhhh LQL I discovered the yellow paper used to write all that nastiness on the computer desk... So yeah. Guess now you 2 have something else to talk about huh? Hehehehehehee Now take the above paragraph (the 1 above that 1) and apply it to this paragraph here. Lol I'm too much. NOW take the above...

Real sh1t though it was on the desk lol.

_ _


  1. Well I don't mind if you copied and pasted. Acknowledgement is acknowledgement, especially if there's something positive being said about it...which I can't tell if there

    I DEF forgot about that paper on the desk lol....wommmmp. Oh well. Catchin the sly's like a hound though.

    Get it?

    I don't think soooo ;)

    You go tooo hard into what ppl interpret off of what you say...Just LET IT BE! but good post tho.

  2. yeah I bet THIS was a good post... womp.



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