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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bucks to burn!

That's my new name for this holiday! Lol Just playing babe ;-) I'm feeling awesome. I keep looking down at my phone every minute or so, waiting to see whether or not she's texted me back (no reply yet).

If I would've left the typo in, it would have been mass confusion, if there already isn't. I'm not feeling how I'm feeling with this whole thing at the moment. *Screams YOU FEEL FUNNY!! In my head* Not playing though... The Boys like right there too... Nothing to do with the entry just pointing it out... Tangent time...

Almost time to go see "what's what in the butt" and make it a noisy cricket kind of ending to the night. Only because the middle was kinda wack. I hate that it's not getting addressed before... *BOOM* ... But at least we are moving towards progress of some sort. I would LOVE to see results like now; *Plots a fight scheme* I'll have to wait on that.

This guy is awfully close... Making me nervous; they all do... Walking away...

Saw this light skin Mama lol (chill babe) she reminded me of what I see us looking like. Her dude was outside smoking newports son! That's real yo! She took it like a G (like you), and was all chill like just posted. Wasn't looking either (like you), so I knew she was solid (like you).

Well time to go, just got the nod. *nods*

Happy Valentine's Day right?

(NO TAG... where the fu..)

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