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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Don't tell me what to do.

Why is it feelings get caught in such turmoils? Why is it even a matter of feeling? I'm sick of hearing about everyone else's feelings, because to have heard those is to ignore my own apparently. That's how it always feels presented to me anyway. The most difficult thing to impart upon another regarding the F word is that I do in fact, get it. I do understand, I do empathize...

Although at this very moment I'm not so sure, I always forget which one is which. Regardless I wonder from time to time, who's sympathizing with me? Notice I'm not looking FOR anything, just wondering in deafening silence while the soundtrack of corruption plays in the background. Hip hop taught me, TV teaches them, so why must I be misunderstood for not trusting anybody?

Anyone who matters will ultimately be cut down by my own narrow sightedness anyway.


(1-Way Ticket)

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  1. People always see their issues as larger than others. It doesn't make one matter larger than the next. But ppl care. Maybe it's because your a better listener than the average and u have higher expectations of others. But ppl are listening n are empathetic. That was my purpose in writing.



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