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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poetry This Poetry That

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[After All These Years]

See me with my friends now they botherin us. Sayin we was meant to be we need to dead that other stuff. And just focus on us yea you should be proud. That's just a testament to who you was. And who you are it aint easy breakin the circle. We cruise small but after all these years. Damn all these years its crazy you the lady I wish was here. Look at all my peers and compare just to gain ideas. Thinking maybe she want somethin I didn't have but he did. I could write my whole life to the girl. Like you know your the one my stars sun and world. And when your to my right I know everythings right. Remind me of when you used to passenger ride. But its cool that's over the memories is still there. I'm still here your wrong your feelings far gone. so I let my feelings disappear with near sited fear. You don't get it I was here u wasn't u made it clear. That you appreciated the years but now wasn't the time. The way you explained it had me feeling there was no time. just a stronghold faith on the unknown and divine. But I felt so deprived like you was taking from my life. Draining it from inside me I turned to other things. Like straight drinks or laced weed aint wanna find me. And it hit so quick my own niggas couldn't time me. Never tried to intervene how could they if they couldn't find me. I can't blame them they wasn't the ones lying. Living obscene they have own lives.

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