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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Separation Theory

I'm trying to better understand things/people while dealing with
multiple rifts in my life at the moment. So I was sitting here thinking
on the situations trying to pinpoint exactly what the issue is.
This is what I've come up with...

1. Jealousy. I don't want to elaborate it is what it is. (ironically
his fav. Rapper has one of my fav. Quotes. "Jealousy is a weak emotion you
gotta control that" lol thanks Hov.)

2. Miscommunication: I'm quiet and to myself by nature. So I can definitely
understand why people could take that as offputedness (<<<-- is that a word? Lol)
towards them. But naaaaaaaah! I just love my music more than the idea of a cultivating
conversation *shrugs* sue me or get over it. Not to mention I use the time I have alone
to really separate my thoughts, but that doesn't mean I don't want company. The people
I have met this year have a special place in my life and no argument or misunderstanding
should affect that. Maybe I should communicate better?? Maybe...

3. Life Obstacles: This has been one of the craziest years of my life! Dead ass!! From
moving to a much slower smaller technologically deprived town. To a disappointing season.
To the ups and downs I've experienced with my teammates (extended family), if I got over one
issue there was another one staring me in the face it seemed like. To everybody's credit,
we all went through some things, and we all dealt with everything differently. All I can
really attribute to this is people somewhere down the line got
slighted or seriously hurt by someone or something, and the issue was never
resolved. It's just sad to me honestly. I hate not knowing how to overcome things,
unfortunately, that's the position I'm stuck in, and why things are so out of order.
Help please! Lol

4. Is there even a 4? Lol nah I don't think so, nothing specific or anything.
I'm just tired and exhausted from being worn down from all this negativity I
got too much love in my body for this mess! I'm bout to just get my Weezy on
and order everybody to get right or get left.

I think I like this blogging thing (uh oh) lol.


If you like it too let me know and or hit me up with your page!
I'm going to try my hardest to be an open book connect with me!!
(Or don't whatever) email aim sn: kingxpoetic
But don't forget who this is! I'm gone!

Rebel2Society aka R2S

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  1. well mr R2S i think its good u finally expressin everythin someway and not keepin it bottled up inside



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