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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Classic TV

Fresh Prince is packed with all kinds of messages. Dead ass. Tonight I heard Will say something about standing out on his own, and still doing what he set out to do (go to school). It was just interesting to me being that my roommate is going through the same situation (Kind of). Anyway I'm watching the 1st episode of the entire series. This mess is hilarious!! Lol great TV.

Twitter jumping off crazy right now..
LnF where the hell u at? Lol today was funny looking back at it.

Serves ya right is the theme I took from it..

Finally got back on the court and remembered I'm actually kind of good with this hoop sh*t lol


Me and Ivan still chilling. This nigga whooped my ass in 2k9 but his team on some created player type mess lol. I got u next time my dude.

Aint been able to write like I want to. Still looking for that collab (somebody nice step up!) Gon' be up for awhile.. Gone!


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