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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Connect with me..

A friend of mine tipped me off about a
Comedy show on campus so I figured I'd
check it out. I'm sitting here and the
feeling that comes to mind is quiet.
(that's peace for those not up on that
Turtle talk) lights are low and the dude
is actually kind of funny. I wonder if
he's a student here or not.. I'll get
his name before I'm done with this though.


This is why I need my minicam!

(Macky shut the hell up I'm running
sh*t now lmao)

Anyway I'm sitting here enjoying myself
and dead ass there are two pretty a**
girls sitting here. Both of them look like they
know their bad but don't go out of their
way to let the rest of the world know
if that makes any sense.(What can I say girls make the world go round get over
it) In a sense it reminds me of what I have
which is cool, I think we all need a
Reminder from time to time...

Pretty girls get me thinking lol.. I
wonder what will and jada's marriage
is like. Besides everyone saying their
madly in love with one another, I wonder
what the dynamics that allow those
foundations to grow are. (If you didn't
know its been said they practice an "open
relationship of sorts. I'm not sayin I'm just
sayin lmao)

Whatever the case I don't think anyone
can hate or try and take away from what
they have. I want THAT like today lol. Am
I ready for it though?


*self etherization maybe?*

After all, you can't really pose questions
like that and THEN try to convince her
to go half on a baby with you lol

*shaking my fist at you!! Mason need
A play buddy!!*

Just to have that feeling for SOMEBODY
though is magical I think..

*speaking of Ether..*

I heard some depressing news today. (if
Its true) Nas (my fav. Rapper of all time
And the best hands down in my opinion..
Which leads me to my shoutout what up
Auntie thank u for that concert for my
B-day! Best gift ever lol) and his wife Kelis
(R&B singer, who is also 7 months pregnant with a baby boy) have reportedly filed for
divorce. Don't know why or when this happened
just heard it today and I'm hoping its
not true. I hate it when love doesn't win
in the end (my parents are high school
Sweethearts so I I've had living proof
that its possible), and these two seemed
to have that Will and Jada about
they relationship.


It is what it is I suppose, whatever the
case I wish them both the best, and I'm
Looking forward to some fire music from
the both of them in the future. (Kelis is
mad slept on.. On 2nd thought Nas too

Dudes name was John Cummings.. (The comedian)

This next stretch of days (from now til
Wed.) Are going to be emotional most
Likely. Its the end of the year (for some)
and people are leaving this little town.
I guess we all are eventually, but I'm
bout to be last out of my little support
System to leave.. 50 said

"If you gossiping about me, shut
the fuck up!"

Lmao I can't resist sometimes. But the
Real quote pertaining to this situation
Is this...

"I know we all gotta go, but I'd
Hate to go fast. Then again I don't
Think it'd be fun to stick around
And go last."

Damn I feel him, and THAT'S how I'm
feeling. Like I said though, it is
what it is. My time here has been a
HUGE learning experience.. I'm all
about progression whether it comes from
a negative or positive situation.
So I'm gonna start moving toward the
things I'm planning in my life, and go
after them with everything I have in me.
I feel like we always try and follow
This mold that society has placed for
us, but for me its never too late
to make something out of the
person you are today. What ya'll
Think?? Gone!


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  1. Yo Mr. Wilson, I've been checking up on this from time to time, don't think I haven't been lol. So I don't even know if I have had a chance to ask you what the damn deal is anyways with all this hoops hoopla? But on a serious note did you get a name of these two girls who were bad that knew it but didn't completely act it lol? Just trying to get on your level thats all lmao. Peace, ZQ



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