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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty Thing

My puppy is fast as lightning lol I love it! Surprised it took me this long to mention my baby, but I guess when I wake up to multiple licks to the face its easy to have HER on my mind. (soooo take that all kinds of ways lmao) Prettiest dog in the world! I can't help but think of the controversy that's undoubtedly coming my way though.. I'm not giving her up for nothing! Yes she will be enjoying some Cali sunshine with me this summer.. Fully prepared to do WHATEVER it is to make others see my perspective on that one too dead ass.




Do I Have to say more?

I'm getting ready to go lift with my team.. Awwwwwwwkkkkwwwaaaaaaarrrrrdddd! Lmao it really is but F it if they don't want me around say something! (Its beach season engage your core! (c) gay brother in I love u man. Lol


Whatever's clever right? I feel rejuvenated today. Looking forward to the rest of it (after weights).. Be back soon.. Gone!


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