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Friday, May 22, 2009


Yo Dead Ass man I'm Like this n*gga now. F*ck what you heard or thought about me in the past cause its not true Dead Ass yo. I'm him, and him, and him (that's 3 for those of you at home). Dead ass life has been something else hitting that good ol' Cali soil. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely problems out here dead ass! lmblackao. But I'm here! feel me? Like, I feel so much stronger dealing with things. AND staying clean dead ass lol. (Not funny though dead ass)this entry really has no meaning or purpose dead ass. I just found out that I am who I've been listening to all this time dead ass. Sh*t is crazy liberating dead ass! The only problem is I never know which one I'm going to turn into feel me? soooooo ummmm... Maybe you should disregard this, and dead ass try not to be too annoyed with me, dead ass yo I'm trying to control it! lmblackao Gone!

Rebel2Socie.errrr Charles Ham.. errr.. Dal.ummm Mack... no no none of those are right lmblackao. Damn.. smh

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