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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shut Up & Listen!

People need to keep things in perspective really.. I'm too the point where if my association with you means I'm inviting headaches into my life, I'd rather walk away. Not to say I don't value people in my life, just to say I value LIVING life. It's too short to be weighed down by nonsense, and with that said, a lot of opportunities have been missed the last few days due to nonsense.


I didn't start this entry to complain about that though, rather instead to ask for help (which I most likely will not receive via my blog, but whatever), and get some things off of my mind.

I have a friend who is going through a lot right now. I know what it is he's going through, (though I'm not sure I am supposed to) and I know it is probably one of the worst things this person could have to deal with. How do I approach my friend? Seriously, do I come right out like look I heard what happened and I'm sorry blah blah. Or do I just talk to him and wait to see if this person enlightens me on the situation? I just do not have a clue as to how to approach this..

Which is why pettier problems have really pissed me off lately. Get over it or get the f*ck out of my life people. I'm staring at crossroads in my life trying to decide what fits best, and which directions to take. It's difficult to say the least but I have found my old form of therapy. That being the gym, thank God for that. There's nothing like being in the gym with a ball and just doing you, and that's not even to say that I'm alone or want to be alone at the gym. Just that I love being in the gym working on my game (which for the moment, won't be showcased anywhere next year..). I don't know, what my new attitude is going to bring to me but i'm looking forward to finding out...

*Enough of that.. Lighter Note*

I've listened to some new hip hop and and a little disappointed to say, well, I'm disappointed lol. Busta's new joint is ehhhh, with way too many guest appearances (and Ron Brownz lol). Thinking on it now though, I guess I'm really not THAT disappointed, I just never expected Busta to come with a dud (and he did lol). Method Man and Redman came correct with Blackout!2 so that was cool. Lastly, Sho Tufli (featured on this blog some entries ago) delivered a nice mixtape based off Cam'ron's past work. Did I mention Relapse and Crime Pays?? Both Em and Cam went IN on their individual projects respectfully.

Me? I'm stuck in Hamilton's world, so I am listening to anything but him whenever my mind allows me too. What can I say when the world is throwing darts at me and pain is accumulating around me, THAT n*gga gets it. So it helps to say the least. Nothing else to say really.. I miss everybody that I dont see anymore (The Kansas kids lol), and that's really it.. Gone..


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  1. Well this Kansas Kid misses you to. I don't know much about giving people advice but I would tell you to look into what kind of person your friends is. If you have in the passed experianced that this person is the kind of person to just in time open up to you about important matters then go ahead and try that but if not and if you think coming straight out with what you know can help in getting your friend to talk to you more about his/her situation. try that. I am not sure if that helped but thats what I thought. If it was me I would probably come straight out with it depending on who this friend is and where we stand as friends.



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