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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm a fan, what can I say?

I'm into these playoffs, not because I love basketball (which would be reason enough), but because I know regardless of the outcome of either of the series its going to be some damn good basketball being played in the finals. Don't take this as me trying to find a way to back out of my predictions (caved and LA in the finals), because I'm not doing that. Though at the moment its looking more like a toss up in the denver LA series, and as I write this Cleveland is doing everything in their power NOT to go down 3-1 in the series (while still being down 3 in this game).

All that to say this. I really am enjoying every game in both series. Yes, I'm a Laker fan 1st, but what so many people forget is that I'm a student of basketball and a fan of THE GAME, before any loyalty issues even come up. Yale watching to be entertained, I'm learning, going to the gym and improving MY game. Dig me?

*think about this..*

How ill would it be to have a cleveland/denver finals?? First we have to discard this notion of Lean vs. Robe. So many people don't realize that these two play two different positions, and wouldn't be matched up with one another. Lean vs. Mel however? Yea two players separated by 10 pounds (Lebanese 275 to memo's 265 according to league officials) AND that play the same position seems more likely, and may be more entertaining (given how each of them are playing). So Cleveland against Denver has that match up.. However, assuming that everybody forgot how dangerous Orlando was/is (damn it must suck to be Gamer Nelson. They don't need you bro! Lot damn no shots though). We probably will be looking at Orlando against whoever comes out of the West. Honestly, I saw this coming though, probably when Orlando had to go through Philly. Everybody wrote them off because they struggled in that series, well, Philly was a good team. As was Boston, so they were being challenged unlike the Cave who were impressive but didn't really play anyone in my eyes anyway. I think the same thing happened with LA. Houston was scary good. I knew this going into the playoffs, and them losing Yap allowed them to switch their playing style up, while maintaining the freelance play that made them so dangerous in the first place (albeit without Yap clogging the middle up).

*point being..?*

The teams left are left for a reason. All of them are talented, deep, and capable of scoring a lot of points. Oh, and for those of you counting out Cleveland I would be careful. Its never easy to measure an individuals desire to win, and what that desire can do for a particular team. My only knock on Orlando thus far, is they may not be mature enough to handle this 3-1 cushion they've acquired over Cleveland. As for the western conference finals, I find it funny how everyone has reacted to LA's play. For one, am not worried. I think they've been tested by good teams pretty much. I also think they'll win out in this Denver series, but hey maybe I just have a lot of faith in my team?


That's the end of the basketball rant. Movie night!! Gone!


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