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Sunday, May 3, 2009

real fast

What's the deal with? Lol naah I'm just playing. Off my Seinfeld appreciation mode for a minute. This is just a quick what's goin on I guess, couldn't have a repeat of May 1st (no blogs).

My day... Super chill. No talked to my pops for a quick second, and that was pretty much my interaction with the outside world. Much too busy regaining my appreciation for video games' single player campaigns. (Difficult for an online junkie, but when you don't have the internet what can you do?) Good stuff.

Reminds me I want to rekindle some childhood hobbies. Lol might see me with some Magic cards or something soon. (Don't front like you never f****d with Magic (the card game)!!

Either that or comp. Games.. Wait need (not really but for my personal preferences yes) the internet for those. Stuck again.

My itunes got a shot in the file drive today (lol ok..?). Quiet.Happy.Zoning. Gone!


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