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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ahh to be recognized..

My first time updating ya'll on my way to my early morning workout. Its a little different this time, I'm about an hour too early but whatever, I'm feeling extra motivated today. Let me chill though, talking about the work you put in is wack to me. People should just know when they're resting I'm putting in work on my Mayweather sh*t.

*cop count on this drive is crazy*

Kind of geeked got new music today lol. (Still waiting though Charles that wasn't cool yo.) This 50 is about to go hard. Yeah, that 50 lol, Curtis, whatever. He's coming with it I have a good feeling (sh*t it better bump at least its gonna be my workout music for the first workout).

What's good Kansas kids (and Rora lmao)!? Squishy how u living?? Michelle can I get something to my inbox? Like now? Lol just wanted to say what's up to all of ya'll. ZQ what up!?

Kiki.. Cause you'd be tight if I didn't say your name lol.

*F it*

Shout out to the whole Pitt state hoop squad. Rod what up? Don't know anything about anything man, that night I was drunk my dude. What I said was from the heart though, I think I was referring to your chick in the sense that you didn't know her THAT well.. No disrespect (no shots), just clearing that up here, since I didn't text you back my bad, still love though.
*It's Hendo around my way and I'm just saying what's up!*

Swear I greeted that n*gga like that everyday! What up homie?

Trying to spread this positive vibe I'm feeling dig me?? Josh I got you, we'll talk soon. Hope everybody else is good I'm bout to (well I already am) reach out soon.

Big bro Ivan how YOU living Philly head soft talkin a** n*gga lol. You know what it is man! Our b*tch is bleeding everywhere, not cool. You'd be grossed out too on that "I'm bout to faint man" sh*t lol too many funny things between us (pause).

Ivan's good money by the way. We ODin to get prepared. For what you ask? Sh*t ask him, I'm not telling (just yet) . Big moves coming (Cali is going to be good for you! Lol let me chill..)

Too bad I'm just now pulling up to the gym, and I want to write more than anything right now. ;( the hell am I supposed to do now? So yeah, Michelle hit me up!

How about I post an interview of some sort today (alex pay attention lol)? Introduce the world to a couple inner circle people. B'coax what's good!? J-Bird what up though? Habib.. Habib lmao. Macky where you at man? Jerome fat a** man, you damn near ghost yo.. Finally, Dale um... Yeah we was a mature thought away from beefing, but see I am growing up!

Brittany (who probably doesn't read ever) play rock soccer with no shoes on. <-- gotta love that one. Nah it aint that bad, but stop listening to people that aren't around.

LnF don't front like your not re-learning how to have fun again lol. This is great, but damn we BOTH gon' be broke lmao.

Uhh Jess what up? Stop losing my stuff! Lol


Gotta go and "lock in" as Diddy would say. I'll get at ya'll later. Gone!



  1. You silly! You forgot its Rora demanding personal recognition.

    Thanks though:)

  2. yo that CH shxt was fucced up... really dissappointing...

  3. Yo Mr. Wilson, what's good? Kansas is hot as hell right now. Heat index of like 101 today. Doesn't help I work outside all day at a golf course lol. Next tuesday we going to be able to purchase an album or what? Unless he messes up something along those lines too...his blogs been awful quiet lately. What you and Ivan got planned? lol. Off to go work on the 3 point range (yadda yadda DJ can blow me) lmao. Peace. ZQ



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