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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I didn't forget...

Haven't posted anything for a minute, and that was hard to do. The truth of it is I have a lot of ideas that I'm backed up with and I'd like to get them out in the intended order instead of adding to the number of posts (we're approaching # 100!!). So I had to fall back just a little.

Been doing a lot of reading, thinking, and writing. Super excited about some of my ideas. I haven't commented back yet either, I read them just didn't reply sorry ya'll. ZQ I got a kick out of your commetnt though, I can just hear that annoying tone of his tell you what you need to work on lol. (Pause pause pause lol). Yes CH disappointed anyone who follows his music. Oh well. It'll drop eventually, or he'll suffer the same fate as Saigon.


Haven't heard of Saigon? (I talked about dude on my blog when I first started) Doesn't surprise me.

Excited to bump this new Wale mixtape (produced by 9th wonder) Back To The Feature. Gonna be flames I already know! (Jess you should have been interested in it cause I mentioned it regardless of who was on it smh... Credit please)

Anyway here's a list of things I have planned for the blog. I don't know if it'll be in this order but when I get to it you'll know so chill.

Mos Def appreciation thread.
Sexual Habits.
The Anatomy of Friendships.
Meet Brian Coaxum.
The G.O.A.T.
These Blog(ger)s are ill!!!

I'm positive I left a couple out, but like I said you'll know when I post them. I'm hoping to really get some opinions on these (think dining hall convo's for the kansas kids lol), so it should be interesting(ly) fun.

Shout out to the new readers too. I think its cool thinking about who ready my blog. I mean, I better think its cool otherwise I'd just be paranoid all the time. Hopefully, its entertaining enough for everyone to come back and read again. Unless you don't like reading.. Lol that's what the videos are for!

Just kidding, I really don't care what anyone else thinks about this blog. If you can enjoy it with me great, if not, I invite you to play the biggest game of rock soccer of your life. Probably going to be some random entries throughout the day. Call the barber, crack a bottle ;). Gone!



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