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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ether Heater

What's a house with no music?? Somewhere I definitely don't want to live.
What's a relationship with no understanding? A relationship I don't want to be in.
Dilemma time dead a**. I'm sick of this feeling, and can't shake what the cause of it is. So I'm goin hard into me mode. I think I've said it before, I have too much love in me and not enough knowledge of how to share it. (Definitely didn't say it like that though lol) so I'm not worried about sharing sh*t anymore.

*wtf does this mean?*

Welcome back Mr. A**hole.

People think I'm insensitive, and I only care about myself. When in actuality I care too much about everybody in my life. Sorry, can't carry on like this anymore, and I won't. People have to draw the line somewhere and mine is being finely etched for everybody to see.

I'm just tired of everything . EVERYTHING!

I hope everybody realizes this is me backed into a wall (again). My actions are direct counters to what's being presented in front of me as "so-called options". I still love this though, my blog has truly become my spot. I got the sofa with the big a** flat screen on the wall. Music pumpin out the speakers (yeah its loud in here) on the screen is my future. I'm dead a** watching my future in here, seeing how crazy 2011 is going to be for me (a silent film of course [); ) )

I love connecting with whoever it is reading though, and for those I know read it, I think its ill we can communicate this way.

*Nas blacked on this Untitled(N*gger) album! Had to throw that in there, I'm in the whip listening to it. Damn homie smh* (pause pause pause)

All of that means you better f*cking cherish this sh*t. I'm about to recline in my spot for awhile, so yeah, I might not be communicating. Well not unless its done on here ("Mos" likely). Now its time for me to get lost in my music. Gone!


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