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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Black Donte prelude?

I tend to try and give people exactly what they deserve after I've been rubbed the wrong way. Mind you, this is all from my perspective, which means something minor could be monumental in my eyes. Not saying people have to walk on eggshells when dealing with me, because I wouldn't judge someone I just met without really getting to sit down and get to know them. If I do know you, it still doesn't mean be extra cautious I'm just saying...

Sorry to those that have caught the evil coming out of me. You probably deserved it, but I'm the type of person that feels ashamed (of myself) if I lose control of my emotions. And yes I'm an emotional person, I'm not sure if its very apparent though. Anyway, situations recently have caused me to lose control for brief moments. I do not want that to be the case anymore.

I see a problem I start working on how to fix it. Regardless of how long it may appear the problem is going on, if I know about it is I'm Workinonit!! (Inside joke right Charles? Lol uh yeah we've been in touch,
DEAD ASS)< --Pause

I'm thinking I'm about to get WAY more personal on here. I mean its my f*cking spot right? I really have to stop considering others in the sense that my needs are important too. Sacrificing is cool (especially when people have no clue your sacrificing for them) , but sometimes it takes a lot out of me.

Which brings me back to what I was trying to say, all tangents aside. I'm an emotional person, but today I was emotion-less. Basically didn't care about anything, well I did until I was set off. Whatever, LA lost too! Though I didn't/dont care. I tried to dig myself out of it but no luck. I blame it on the music-less house. Walls of trust have blasted down, and safety (and sanity) reside where I lay my head to sleep. Just that one room. Other than that, outside (my normal environment ie. Anywhere I can be seen), or the gym. Dead a**.

I wanted to get at ya'll sooner, but something told me to go through the whole day first. I guess it put things in the right perspective, at least if I'm seeing through right lol (that's over your head trust me!) Hopefully, today can continue to be productive on my end. Plans have already been cancelled, so we'll see what ends up being the case.

"Mos" Definitely going to stay communicating on here though. This is where its at. Apologies if you are scratching your head as to why the connection was interrupted on other forums (myspace, fb, twitter, etc.). Its just that I remodeled in here, so I'm kind of not leaving for awhile lol. Today is all about inspiration. I'm finding some right now writing this. I'm GOING to have to find some more in order to do what I know I'm supposed to today. Definitely writing something though :)

Actually excited about how everything could possibly turn out. I'm about to go practice terrible dieting habits. Which reminds me, an update to what's going on with me is coming sort of, I think.. More information is coming. That works better. Aight that's plenty.. Gone!

*History on repeat Mos and Kweli blacking over a soulful Dilla beat*


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