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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why am I not on the couch??

There's a reason I excel at video games, internet browsing, and any other activity you can do by yourself. I'm just more relaxed and at peace chilling in an atmosphere that isn't geared towards communication. I mean I am Socrates (socially anyway)remember? Anyway I'm just going to think about watching the Laker game with my buds lmao.

LA's about to close it out too. I wasn't even going to have anything to do with the gym today, but I have a feeling after I see the game I'm going to want to hoop. So that's probably where I'll be.

I've been trying to catch up on everybody's blogs. I'm almost all up to date, and when that happens I'll have a new blog about the blogs lol. I want everybody to read and appreciate my blog, but I have to return the favor too. That's what connecting is all about right? Step your sh*t up so I can talk about it!

Back to being out of place in a socially inviting atmosphere. I don't like it one bit, especially since I'm either still gone or just incredibly groggy due to just waking up, whatever the case I know this was discreetly pushed upon me. Whether that ends up being admitted or not I know what it is.

I'm convinced marijuana is the single most prevalent item in all of my problems. Not me smoking it lol but for whatever reason its been involved.. Somehow.. Now if the Barber would just pick up the phone ;)

None of that should lead you to believe that I'm in a bad mood, cause I'm not. Just a bad place, well not really, just somewhere I'd rather not be, because there's other places I'd rather be seeing type of thing. These people do have some crazy stories though.

Shout out to my big brother (the real one that people don't know exist lol)

And my pops (the n*gga that could have made him. Yeah.. Lol)

Family has definitely been putting some things in perspective for me lately. Even my mom albeit indirectly (she blacks like no other dead a**). Its time to really get everything in my life on the right track. I gave you all a glimpse at the whole athletic side, and that's all going just as I planned (a few minor setbacks). As far as securing myself in the competitive world of today, more progress needs to be made.

I'm moving fast toward home ownership, who wants to throw me a party? <<-- definitely joking. Show up to my crib with your party hat and your a** is staying outside. Bring an extra ps3 controller, and we can talk lol.

Today is too slow, I'm stuck wanting to speed things up a bit. Not that I want it to be late, I'm just trying to find some inspiration, like now dig me? Barber called inspiration stalled.. For now. Can it get anymore random? I'm back to reading YA'LL blogs. Gone!


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  1. Just so You know I like waking and up having something to read everyday! yours has been a fav so far.

    I wanted you to know still be keeping up even though it might look like I don't at times.



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