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Saturday, June 13, 2009

And Another One

Don't really know about this one lol. Let's just say I was trying to spazz on myself, and at some points I think I did. This is kind of weird putting all this out there for everybody to not pay attention to but who cares? I'm not supposed to, especially at this point during the night. (come on kick in already!!) So enjoy it or don't, whatever...

Oooooo (<--actual title lol yea, wtf? Huh?)

Sometimes I find its hard to decline the little time that's truly mine I'm minding my chiming regarding my friends rewarding my pen with rhyming I think we like it I know she like it we fighting I'm writing quickly think lightning

she see it now she's smiling she wilding saying I'm the next kid now I'm smiling damn we shining trips me out we fell out she was like fuck it keep grinding and that amounts to the trust she gets from me bitches bounce now please

yeah I be looking what can I say I mean my hearts tooken taken I'm saying none of ya'll looking like crooks shit I'm straight a little late in my understanding that she came to win ok

game on then let me start playing I feeling like displaying my articulation with manipulating different statements placing them over your dense skull sitting on your shoulders heavy like Ionno I'm trying not to be cliche

so can we just say what I have to say will have ur mind dealing with a lot of weight I think that's fair but not to be mistaken with the white powder base I'm trying to flower my base with words behind bass though the bass you can't hear or feel...(I'll let u in on a secret if you promise you can keep it)


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