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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quote of the Day

Ok so here is part of what I was talking about. I'm gonna have some kind of quote everyday n at the end of the week I'll go back n pick which one I or whoever liked best. These all hold some significance to me, so if they seem random and out of touch there's a reason!

"... And these chicks. You know, they want what we want," Lil Guy

Don't know if I want to explain all of these that I'll be posting but this particular one stood out to me for a couple of different reasons.

The 1st being who the quote came from. Lil Guy isn't his name, but it IS my lil homie who's about 3 years younger than me. The moment he said it I thought about how time changes things. This lil n*gga was just a little squeaky voiced kid a day ago it seems like, and now he's tryin to school me on life, and girls . Crazy.

2ndly I thought it was an interesting statement because to me its true. Lol people in general are just grimey as hell. Take that however you want though.

So all that for that little random quote, I know, but that's what some of you wanted anyway right? Lol whatever though like it or love it. Same applies for this too. If you want to send me something go ahead! (Lol stupid..)

*this isn't going to turn out right*

-/Rebel2Society\- v(**)

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