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Monday, December 21, 2009


It's tough when you just NOT getting that good feeling good music (or even music you like) gives you. That's what I'm going through with a lot of my favorite artists, and this song is a good example.

Doesn't really SOUND like a CH track (except for the see & say toy sounds he sampled or are those from that Bop-it thing?)and what he's saying doesn't really impress me (off 1 listen), but hopefully it'll grow on me.

Until then, I'll continue to support my dude hoping he decides to pick up the pace in this rap race. Normalcy out soon I'm goin to evaluate that mixtape like I did Lupe's ya dig? Gone!
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  1. yo rebel did you know that charles hamilton got dissed hard on this track by precyse. you should know he on the shoutmix. he got dissed on a song that precyse made called windex effect dissing ch it went hard and precyse killed it. so here it is



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