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Friday, December 18, 2009

Wasalu I Salute!

I wasn't playing when I said Lupe was straight bodying this rap sh*t. Here's some proof. Off his latest mixtape 'Enemy of the State: A Love Story' and in order if you don't have this, log on and d/l it now! BTW this post is gonna be long...

[Lupe Fiasco]
One, Two…
Ahh.. Naw!

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
Your attention please, your attention I need it
So I can sit you in a position from which I see it
Where I’m seated is scenic
Heavy-weighter, slim as the Machinist, so bulimic
Which means you somewhere in between it
I take it back for you like the Wild Stallions (Wyld Stallyns) of San Dimas
I’m in the market for low-mile 360 Modena's
And a good organic cleaners
My car always a winner
Your car’s always pitted
We should call it Stanley Steamers
Most of my friends in gangs
My new nickname is Ghengis Khan
But without the ‘Ye, but his last name’s my side
I ride with the demeanors (the meanest)
I’m armed to the teeth
You’re Venus and you’ve never been to the Dinas (dentist)
School of Hard Knocks, I dean it
I done it, as well as a celebrated alumnus
I donate to the campus and my name’s on the arenas
But you can’t bring it to my court
Not even with subpoenas
Cause you can’t play my sport
But you can still cheer-lead us
And you can’t sit there
That section’s for the seniors
And the sexy senoritas
So just move up to the bleachers
How you gonna school me when I grew up with your teachers
I know that you can't hear me
Cause I blew up all the speakers
And the power line is hanging
Cause I threw up all the sneakers
I ate up the imposters
And I chewed through all the pizzas
I blacked out with a black card
And I maxed out all the Visas

[Verse #2: Lupe Fiasco]
Uhh…Accreditation so prestigious
Just walk across my stage
Your life will be completed
Don’t need financial aid
Cause this is just some free shit
You been properly prepared
Throw your hats up in the air
I’m red hot, Chilly, (Red Hot Chili) I’m Anthony Kiedis
My spirit smells teenage
And Chi-town’s feelin' excellent
We hit them with the President
See we set the precedent
I don’t feel I’m best
I just feel I’m better than…

[Chorus: Thom Yorke/Radiohead]
Everyone… Everyone Around… Here
Everyone is so… near
So alone… So alone

[Verse #3: Lupe Fiasco]
See I don’t disagree
This is just a grievance
This ain’t dissin’
This is civil disobedience
How you gon’ make hip-hop
Without all the ingredients?
Lot of mouths to feed
Plus a lot of greediness
And that greed, outshines the neediness
What ni***s need is some "question they authority"
And tune out all the TV shit
And we be this
So I give ‘em more
You see I did it for…

[Chorus: Thom Yorke/Radiohead]
Everyone… Everyone is so… near
Everyone has got… the fear
So alone… So alone

[Verse #4: Lupe Fiasco]
Yeah… I am back up on the airwaves
Feelin’ like a Soldier, and I ain’t talking where the Bears play
Flair, look how I Fred Astaire (further stair) down the staircases
‘Finna be a hair-raisin’ tortoise versus hare race
So you should hang around here (hair) like some earrings
I know attention’s all about how you pair things
So when I want them to hear me out
I just sit them next to some pictures of Rosa splitting with her titties out
And what’s written on her titties is what it's really about
Then her vagina is some poor kids from China
Nipples nuclear missiles
Ass is a daughter without a dad
Back is like Afghanistan, Iraq
Health care hair
Drive by thighs
Education lips
HIV eyes
Environment feet
Justice get her so wet, brains get you brains
You can fuck her if you protest
But before you bust in her face, finish listenin’ to the tape...
Enemy of the State...

[Lupe Fiasco]
Microphone check, I make em all bounce
Every teller in Bank of America, make em all count
You gone need the whole staff to add up the amount...
It's gonna take to pay me off to keep me out your house
To keep me in my zone so that I don't zone out
I'm Rich and Po' like Zone 4, thoughts is deep like Tone Loc
Walk with me like old folk, cross your street a score's goal'ed
I don't rap, I hockey rink... cause my flow is so cold

I am on my "mmhmm," they are on they "Oh, No!"
I am really in here (hair), they ain't real like Soul Glo
Don't you know I'm so sho, them n****'s got no Glow
Find a master 'fore you can come back into the dojo

Lupe got his mind right, n**** this is my mic
And I've come to take it all back like Miller High Life
He must not be tied tight...back against the wall...
He will throw a ball, like he playin' Jai Alai

I'll do the register, you just get them fries right
I don't trust America, after watchin' Zeitgeist
Take a look at my stripes, chest looks like a tiger arm
and I'm hot as tiger balm, fire like a five-alarm
And it's set to Tire Barn, Get ya fire-fighter on....

I ain't worried 'bout you hoes (hose), I don't even need to roll
I turn down your ex like how you put your tires on
Once I get these tires on, I buy a bomb and tie it on
And ride this around the entire song, find a line to drive it on
Park it near a metaphor, wait for it, the timer's on
You can turn your hydrants on, I'll just turn my wipers on
Wipe it off then wipe me down but don't forget about my bomb!

[Lupe Fiasco]
I call this one Yoga...Flame

Uh, meditate
On the floor, fold your legs, resonate
Breathing speed, regulate
Clear my mind till it levitate

Dhalsim, I beat the game,

Level 8, Hella good

Never great cause God is great
So ain’t no goats, ain’t no gates

Fences see the rams ram, lambs let, sheep’s skate

Brace yourself, teeth straight
Fix your face for Pete’s sake
Birthday wordplay, piece of cake
4 door flow with seats for eight
Ororo Munroe make it rain
Not with bills, I make it change

Take that cool shit, make it lame

Take that nerd shit, make it bang

Yeah, you heard us make it bang
Yeah, you heard me make it bang

Melt the change and make a ring

Take that ring and make a bracelet
Take that bracelet make a chain

Look how far my necklace hang
Connect that chain up to a crane

Pull the game up by the brains
Could not move it just with brains
So I had to use some bling

Shouts to Drizzy, shout to Wayne
Yeezy, Jeezy, Ricky, Fifty, Raekwon, Loso, Gucci Mane

I’m not going to drop my name
Sneak that message to the masses, you can call me Chocolate Rain
You might think my wallet drained

Look how far my pockets hang

That’s cause I got pocket change
My net worth is basketball
They net worth is soccer games

Tell them ni***s stop it mane
But they cannot stop it mane

So, they forced to watch it drain
They be looking so blue like water when I wash my jeans

King without the whoppers and, King without the pauper
and King and I ain’t got no drains

Bruce Lee, dishwasher
Cleaning out your pots and pans
These ni***s ain’t got no stain
Power once I hit them with the powder
Then throw em’ in the shower
These ni**a slower than some dial-up
I be on my broadband
These ni***s still downloadin’
Lu finished, you still up on YouSendIt, uShare, zShare
How long you going to be there?
Damn… for you fam
Information super highway
These n****s ain’t got no lane
But you can ride my shoulder
Like they pulled you over
I sit in the driver’s seat
You sit on the sofa
I am Patrick Swayze
You are Whoopi Goldberg

Cause he was a beast and the way that he controlled her
Rest in peace to Patrick
Rest in Peace to Stacks, kid
Rest in Peace to Rap, no, rest in peace to wackness

Yeah, n***a, I whacked it
Baby boy with the glasses
Tears like a black rap Zach Galifianakis
Hangover, game over, n***a that’s it!

*If you care about what Diddy is singing about I apologize but this is a Lupe post obviously... skip to the 2:45 mark after Lupe's 1st verse to get to his 2nd verse.*

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
I see, diamond flooded demons, Lamborghini angels
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through
Windows up, system bumping, you the one they sang to
Same two, who said they the ones you should send your thanks through
Pockets full of blessings, they can sanctify and saint you
You can hear 'em revving up in heaven now, can't you?
Sandals made of chrome, his soul made of leather
An engine full of sinning and, candy painted feathers
The sound of the motor only reverend you confess to
I see this all in the eyes of the girl I'm next to
I asked her “Where we going?” and she just told me "Pleasure"
Hands on the wheel, and her heels on the accelor-
-Rator, told her wait up, she kept going like et cetera
But like a broken record, we’ve come too far to just wheel it back, selector
So we gon’ ride forever, forever, forever, forever, forever

[Verse #2: Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, said she was a fan of mine
Knew she was New Jersey, but said that she was Anaheim
Butterflies turn to suicides, now it's phantoms flying
Used to whisper in my ear, but now she tryna 'vander mine
That holy feeling (Holyfield) all gone, slowly feeling all wrong
None of this is satisfyin', pull it over, let me out
I'll just hitchhike back to mine
Nothing's really as it seems, yeah I shoulda known that
Thought I called a angel, devils had my phones tapped

[Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, yeah, this one's for Chilly Chill, Food and Liquor flow,
Strong like it's been distilled by,
Hillbillies in the hills and we move down to Beverly,
So heavenly, waking n****s up like revelry,
We won't be going back to you regularly, so forget it
Shadow flow, call up Punxsutawney Phillips,
My mind's on dope, my brain's on skillets,
Thoroughly trained to just bang off lyrics,
Bang bang bang like Pops Wayans,
Witherspoon (with a spoon) or with a fork,
Was coming out my egg like Mork, deserves his own head on Rushmore

Flood the game like a giant in a dwarf's shorts,
So long n****s, career so short it should be ridin' on a horse,
Mines is a horse, but mines is the size you could sneak inside a fort (Ford),
Yours is a pony, it could sleep inside a Porsche,
I am on point like the eating side of forks,
So keep your head down like your reflection in a spoon,
Chilly Chill will be outta corrections real soon...
Enemy...god willingly...

Had to change the pic up cause this is THAT HEAT! AKA who's f*ckin with that?

Uh, we just gonna keep it goin' and goin',
until I feel completed and happy about it...You know?

Uh, Opus of a ghetto boy who grew into a project man
Brewster Place (booster plates), he used to stick his scissors in his sockets damn,
clear that Project Runway, 'cause this is where my rocket lands,
ain’t got no problems, Houston, I A.K.A. then rocket land.
Events recent that lit a fire under him like pots and pans,
rockets and I (eye) up in the sky like helicopter cams...

And you down there in the traffic jam
from here I’ve seen a bunch of fake shit like avid wrestlin' fans...
Came up from the bottom of the eye exam ZOOM
Now I’m like the biggest G off (Geoff) in the room,
still hard to see me like the truth on TV
or the roof from the sidewalk, I don’t flo' (floor), I ceiling

My mama said they need me...
'cause, I’m made from the best stuff on earth like Snapple Tea Leaves,
they glass is half full so I spit into them like Celie,
no longer G, now you can see me
but your letter's (lettuce) still under my sea (C) like seaweed
C and G but nothing bout me C-G, It’s all real, none of this is green screen...

"Shut Up and Let Me Go" just like The Ting Tings,
I’m feelin' like a Mac, standing around a bunch of PCs.
I’ve rocked it from the shouters to the soccer moms,
try to stop what’s going on...
you’ll see the back of my hand like the tops of palms,
I’m balling like the tops of pawns,
circle of influence getting bigger like the ripples on the tops of ponds.

Short-footed and War Headed like the tops of bombs,
Domino-in n****'s, delivery is Papa John's, Little Ceaser‘s, uh,
burning down your Pizza Hut...
Plaque collection building 'cause, I don’t brush my teeth enough,
yeah, Crack is wack and reefer sucks, you might think this deep as fuck
but this like my weaker stuff,
they ask “Is this his day-to-day 'cause this is like a week to us?”

Mic is shy and speakers blush, I is shy (Chi) and he is up,
I correct, me is up - no we is up - cause its like two of me
and each of us, rappin' acid, eat this up,
A-Town down, peace is up, New York to East Coast is tough,
West Side ridin', lot of n****'s salty 'cause,
'cause I be overseas and (overseasoned) tough.

Everything seamless, WorldStar never seen this,
NahRight gotta stream this, motherfuckin' genius!

Brave and fly, you backbone-less and wingless,
bunch of chickens on the strip, I’m coming for they fingers...
till what they throwin' up is meaningless...
Chilly Chill you seeing this? This didn’t make MTV’s list...

Finish fingers, eating wrist, feedin' frenzy and shit,
Succotash stuffering, Chicken-Frikasee'en this...
a beat eatin' media blitz,
pace is getting feverish, pain is growing Seaver-ish,
these the peppers Peter picked,
things are at their easiest, Real Compton city G’in it
but I’m from lights, bravooos!

*Applause*.... Yeah, I’m just playin'....Internet, check!

[Lupe Fiasco]
Aww, you don't get it

[Lupe Fiasco]
I'm just a wolf inside a lion's suit,
A shark shirt, a panther's pants, piranha hat and tiger shoes,
I got a lion's den inside the booth
That right there is point blank
This here, is from where the sniper shoot
Might take a long time to get it, by the time I hit it
I done ran Bubble Tape around them Chiclets, POOF!!
I ain't the bomb, I'm the company that got the contract to rebuild during the aftermath,
Have a blast!
Goin' green, only using half the gas, the calming comes through after disasters' have
But this calm has the same fury that disasters have
I should have a class, I'm the son/sun of the South Pole plus Alaska's dad
Got n****s like "DAG!!", flow is like crazy gone mad
And villains gone bad, Punk ass n****s, don't be so Daft
Baby, why you hangin' with them busters like Babs?
They are such a drag, you should move 'em to the trash
Feel like I'm walkin 'round upon Cassius calves
Quite a beautiful script, and such a gift of gab
A big bass, shout out to Mistah F.A.B
Young Frankenstein reportin' live from the lab
I bought the bars out, put it on my tab
If you came here to box, you'll leave in a bag
I run the game, Bilderberg Group, in the lead with the flash
Usain Bolt ain't even leavin' this fast
Why you take offense with your defensive ass?
Never Hussein'in the hole/whole, not even in the half
Cause n**** I aint hidin', I'm the whole world, n**** you're an island
And the sea's risin', if I keep shinin'
You gon' have to take submarines to the drive-in nowwww


[Lupe Fiasco]
Ohh! Shout out to Slaughterhouse..
Joe Budden, Royce, Crooked, Joell..
Uh! yeah!

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
The game was looking weak, the whole scene starved
So I came through with some muscle milk and protein bars
Barbells and jump ropes, Bowflexes to body it
And a couple Billy Blanks Tae-Bo Karate kicks
If you aint Million Dollar Dreamin', then we op-pee-sites
In high school, I was voted the most Ted DiBiase'st
Also the most slept on, cause my Ted DiBiaseness
An Inglorious Bastard, and you looking like a Nazi biiiitch

They say it's hard out here for ol' boy, then tell me where Taraji is
I am going so raw, watch me Soy Sauce, Wasabi this
Noble on them Pro-Tools, hot as H-E- double hockey sticks
Make sure you give the chef your compliments
And thank him for his constantly great tasting accomplishments
A smiley face, emoticons if you wanna remain anonymous
My retirement's on hold, I got the whole world on conference
Matchstick Man,
I really have the confidence that I'ma give them G.O.O.D Music
like Common Sense and Consequence
Content that's relative across the continent
New York, Houston, Chi-Town, Los Angeles

[Lupe Fiasco]
Aw! Shout out to Push, Shout out to Malice,
Fam-Lay!! Ab Liva, Re-Up, N****a We Up!! .. G's up
Windin' down but..

It's Hirst verses and Murakami rhyming,
All my raps is super flat, all your raps is super wack,
Tell him that the future's back, DeLorean rolling down the block
You can call it shooting craps, and my roof is back
And my wings is up

Kingda Ka without kalua, so you ain't gotta pour the king a cup
Young Yakuza but, none of my fingers cut
So I can still sip red zinga with my pinkies up
Made man, you can call this cleaning up
I'm OCD, I never think it's clean enough
That's what defines me, I never think it's mean enough
Lines deeper than those waiting on a sneaker, cuz
You gone need two heads like the King of Clubs just to figure out the meaning of,
I'm just achieving buzz so stay out of son/sun way like you're drinkin' blood
This is what it feels like to be in love...ENEMY!

I mean come on, I mean look at what I'm droppin' here
Do this for the block and the blogosphere
No, you ain't ready for the heavy, so I'll keep it light as joggin' gear
I don't want the throne, I want the helicopter rocking chair
Jay gave me a co-sign like I was RocaWear, but be clear I'm not the air (heir)
I'm the water, fire and the earth;
That means I'm doin' dirt, spittin' flames and quenchin' thirst,
And plus the real God has been on my side since birth
I hope that he forgives me, I hope I do his work in every single verse,
Now I might do a dance, I might even jerk, tell them n****s don't hate
Only God is great, Enemy Of The State

All That is MY proof I could go IN like my man's at il(lu) but I'ma chill cause honestly he killed every 1 of them things. Maybe I like Lupe too much and it's really not THAT ill but get your favorite rapper (Lupe is NOT mine) and we can put their bars against the Mr. Fiasco's and see how long that last lol. Gone!

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