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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey Hey Hey...

So more friends gone to start off 2010. Its a whatever type deal to me right now, I mean I know I could have given more of myself to build/strengthen/salvage the relationship(s) but I'm spreading myself thin as it is. That's not to say I didn't WANT to do those things, just I'm trying to be focused on my lil dudes my game my life, family, and friends. The problem is it comes in that order. I can admit I need to work on that and I plan to, sorry, I AM working on that (Gamble on me eehhh?). However, this is moreso to say good bye to Megherz (insert peace smiley emoticon here) the quirky yet funny, sometimes spaced out, independent, master of the see-saw 24 hour fitness employee. Unfortunately my one time acquaintance who became a short time friend is now once again becoming an even more formal acquaintance... So I'm going back in the past while moving forward in the future (Quick?) and it makes it DOES make sense!

No malicious intent here, it just didn't work out there kid. But any mention of 'using' dead that sh*t.
*Resisting the cliche Jay-Z (insert song title here) phrase*

Those 5 things are all important and necessary priorities for me to have, I just need to work on reordering their order of importance AND still give the same amount of energy to each area. honestly all that was trumped by anything basketball and or electronic/manga/cinema/related activities available at the time YOU KNOW! Lol this is kind of fun... I recognize that nothing worth working for will happen overnight, so I'm taking it a few steps at a time. People may actually get some things they've been waiting for...

My intent wasn't to embarass or put anybody on blast, but this is me right here. If you were offended I'm sorry. Enjoy this more intimate look your getting today, cause I don't know how I feel about it.

Maybe next time Squishy *Kanye Shrug*

Gone! (n peace)
_ _

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  1. U! Its all anew! Im jumping on that thought....



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