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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Your Attention Please. Your Attention I Need It!

Apparently some people weren't too happy with the last post.. I mean I don't really know why, but its something to note don't u think? I don't hear any complaints when I'm dropping names on some happy- to-know-ya- love-ya-laugh with you sh*t (mind you when I do that those are all honest feelings every time).

That's completely ignoring the fact I wasn't malicious with my words in the least bit (and damn if I can't whip up some sharp sentences that are proven lethal when heard/read). I'm definitely not mad though! How could I be? If someone has a problem with this their reading and isn't that the idea in the first place? Lol and IF they're reading YES IT IS THE POINT (I know how easily confused you get...)!

What do you do when the audience you perform to expects you to lose? (That sounds like an excerpt of some sh*t I wrote) I guess you have to ask yourself if you really want to win or just look good losing? My conclusion was the former. Ahhhh welcome to the place you go when you know you've made mistakes learned from them and don't want to make the same one's again.

Redemption Hall or something like that, pretty much where I've been decorating sense my series of self induced 'Fails'. To my credit a lot of it while it could've been avoided WAS out of my hands. Kicked my feet up and got quite comfortable until I decided it was time for some REdecorating dig?

Since my sense is having some much needed additions added to it, I figured I'd clear some more things up. This space is mine, unless I lend it to one of you lucky people. I'm bout to tip the glass and let it spill over.

I have nothing to lose revealing myself cause I'm true to myself all day. So yeah I'm gonna come back to facebook, back to myspace, back to twitter and enjoy being everywhere that is accessible to the public. At least the public with an internet connections lol.

Anyway people that know me know what it is. Still the same nerdy (more nerdy actually) dude laid back to the max wondering where or who is gonna come sweep me off my 2 feet, who just happens to be extremely talented at that round ball sport. So yeah n*ggas laugh it up and you b*tches ladies zip it up cause its obviously not for you. So why hate?

There's Law to keep Order and I'm creating my own law and order here, and everywhere else in my life cause when I wait for it to come to me (sweep sweep) I find myself waiting waiting and waiting some more. So choke on that. UgotIT!Gone!

*So much more to say*

_ _

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