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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let me break it down for all you wild slow ******

This blog was set up specifically based around my love for hip hop music. It's grown into an outlet for my thoughts, imagination, and fantasies but still remains rooted in music. Everything done on here is done that specific way for a specific reason. Right down to the Charles Hamilton d*ck suckers that google his name just to see what blogs are talking about him so they can go there and talk sh*t. Let's not forget the shoutmix folks either. Nice work. *These niggaz is haters! (c) Hov*

YEEEES I know how to spell, use spellcheck, and I'm anal about things being spelled correctly. Think about that.   Anyway The links on here all lead to what I would say is useful information guiding you to the best latest music/phone-computer tech/hip hop blog/movie-tv-anime-video game-comic book/ sites available. So its funny to me (not annoying just humorous) when I get questions for help about music.

Don't get me wrong the fact that someone would want me to help them with their music is humbling and ill and the same time. It's just STILL surprising lol. With all that said, there are some specific music web sites I left off the list because I don't endorse getting the music that way, and this was supposed to be for Squishy to find out what those sites were, but then a sense of responsibility kicked in.

Change of plans (sorry), I think I've said enough for now still so much more to touch on though. HATEerz on deck! Gone(n peace)!
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  1. i hope you ain't trying to go at me. if you are i will woop your ass. your a fool thats why you can't respond you won't respond when i write this comment bitch. charles hamilton sucks he will never blow. and shout to precyse for that diss track to charles hamilton hamilton needed that thats why he couldn't respond to him. and fuck you rebel you no life muthafucker.



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