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Thursday, January 7, 2010



I still get lost in my music zone out n just lose it. Not a temper or

tantrum this how my center gets pampered that's like my soul you know

the word chi? That's what I achieve a zone all alone that's home to

inner peace. At least for me and that's the least of what I ask for. I

don't try to get there no lessons more like a crash course. Centered

around my interest its my sport. Filling the voids left from being

annoyed by outsiders. The game never changes just rearranges players

to fill in the shoes that used to belong to you. Except for me

exceptionally especially abused bruised by these untruth's. Why even

ask if its true. Master hiatus' I had to fly the coop. Not just the

net my house and phones too. Connect back with myself until I feel

that I'm cool return to the world disconnected on a wireless

connection. Death I can't mess with double back hit reset. When a

shoulder is needed I'm somewhere feeling defeated and neglected. A

little depressed knowing the elected few went unprotected. Looking for

answers won't find em but your guess is as good as mine is. But I'm

stuck trying to remind myself that no person is timeless. Get a wake

up call from a call waking you up telling you today is when his time

is. Damn where the time went? That's always the next thought. I was

just with them the other day...
*Is there more (c'mon son)? and does it even matter?*

Dilla's rivaled by who? Gone (n peace)!
_ _

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